Learn to Take Drool-Worthy
Cheese Photos in Just 6 Weeks!

P L A N,  S H O O T  &  S H A R E  More Beautiful Images of Your Cheese

Next Class Starts May, 2016!

Why learn to take better pictures of your cheese?

Each year, the specialty cheese market becomes more competitive as new cheeses enter an increasingly crowded marketplace. With limited space in the case, it’s vital to sell your cheeses through eye-catching images—not simple point-and-shoot snapshots.

Marketing must be on the top shelf if you’re going to grow your business—or even compete at the status quo.

Do Your Images reflect your cheese at its blue ribbon best?

Invest in yourself and your business. Learn how to take drool-worthy photographs of your products that will have new customers knocking on your door—just begging for a taste.

High-quality images of cheese are the perfect addition to upgrade your website, press releases, award announcements and print marketing pieces.

If done in-house, social media done right is an inexpensive way to market your cheeses and connect with new customers.

Recent reports show that users upload about 300 million photos to Facebook each day. Your photos must stand out from the rest to be viewed and shared.

Your cheeses deserve better coverage than shots from your cell phone.  Professional photography is beyond the reach of many small cheese makers and independent cheese shops. But you can develop the skills to produce drool-worthy photos that increase the reach of your limited marketing budget.

A March 2014 study revealed that
of the Most Shared Posts
on Facebook are PHOTO POSTS

source: Social Media Examiner, May 13, 2014

Cheese Photography 101 is an informative & inspiring workshop that:

  • Shows you how to craft images with correct lighting, framing and composition
  • Demystifies photography fundamentals, including camera settings and focus
  • Gives you a step-by-step guide to styling your cheese to make your followers drool
  • Sheds some light on efficiently setting up your shoot
  • Walks you through the studio set-up of a professional photographer
  • Teaches you to use editing software to catalog, refine and share of your best photos

Not only that, but you also learn how to maximize the impact of your images using search engine optimization and the use of key words and tags as you share your images with the world.

Cheese Photography 101 is perfect for:

  • DIY-minded small business owners who want to quickly up their photograpy skills
  • Creative team members in larger organizations, cheese-focused marketers & food bloggers
  • Those who see the value in improved images and their sales-boosting potential—both online and in print
  • Cheesemakers & Mongers who own a fancy but intimidating camera and want to feel confident and creative
  • Those who are passionate about cheese, comfortable with technology and enjoy learning new things

What do participants need to invest?

As with any class, there is a time investment required to get the most out of the lessons. You should be ready and willing to:

  • Spend about three hours a week watching the instructional videos and completing the assignments
  • Attend weekly “Office Hours” to get your questions answered and receive live critique (optional)
  • Participate in our secret Facebook group, sharing images and providing feedback to others

What equipment do participants need?

You will gain valuable knowledge and skills whether you have a basic DSLR camera or a prosumer-level camera you still use on auto (and everything in between).

A basic “point and shoot” model will work; however, to get maximum value out of the course, I recommend waiting until you can buy or borrow an entry-level DSLR. (More on Choosing a Camera for Food Photography)

You will need editing software such as Adobe Lightroom (rec0mmended) or your camera's package software to make the most of your images. Simple edits can make all the difference!

Cheese Photography 101 for
Makers, Mongers & Bloggers

Build Confidence Behind the Lens and Learn Strategies for Creating and Sharing Captivating Images that Attract More Customers & Build Sales

Workshop Tuition: $349

Spring Workshop Begins April 20th!


About the Instructor

My cheese photography skills developed out of necessity and were honed over years of trial and error, practice and study.

What began as passionate interest in bringing fine cheese to the table through a variety of sales and education gigs in the specialty cheese industry turned into a creative journey and professional trajectory I could not have predicted. More

Money Back Guarantee

If you attend and fully participate in all the modules, I will gladly refund your tuition if you feel that you have not received incredible value and/or improved your cheese photography skills significantly.

If you feel the program did not work for you as promised, please email me with the details within 30 days of program close for a full refund.


Class Begins in:


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