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My cheese photography skills developed out of necessity and were honed over years of trial and error. What began as passionate interest in cheese and bringing fine cheese to the table through a variety of sales and education gigs in the specialty cheese industry, turned into a creative journey and professional trajectory I could not have predicted.

Fascinated by the history of cheese and it's role in our changing food system, I became convinced that more people needed to connect with and understand the people and animals behind their favorite cheeses. I set out to tell that story.

In the beginning, it was all about the passion for the story (see American Cheese Society at 25 video)  Even with my slick HD video camera, my settings stayed on Auto, playing it safe and overwhelmed by the possibility of “getting it wrong” and "ruining the shot," if I tried to do too much fussing. I told myself it was the interview and the personality that would carry the day. Deep down, though, I knew I had to up my game.

Upgrading to the Canon 7D to produce the Oregon Cheese Trail series, it was time to learn how to use it. Over the next few years, I got serious - exploring photography fundamentals understanding the exposure triangle, light and shadow, how contrast impacts an image, composition, food styling and propping, image editing and export.

Over time and with practice and a whole lot of trial and error, I discovered secrets to creating beautiful images that show cheese at its best.

Trust me, you don't have the time to dive as deeply and you don't need to! Your time and attention must focus on making and selling delicious cheese and keeping your business moving forward.

I created this workshop to help you do that - sharing my secrets to quickly improve your cheese photography and showing you creative ways to get your images out into the world with maximum effect.


Christine---Photographing-ACS-Best-of-Show-Project---Pleasant-Ridge-Reserve00001Why I Created Cheese Photography 101

Knowing the time, energy and work that goes into creating and bringing a cheese to market or launching a bricks and mortar cheese shop, it makes my heart hurt to see incredible cheeses represented at less than their best.

It is my mission to support artisan and specialty cheesemakers who work tirelessly each day to carefully craft and share interesting, delicious creations. Their work keeps local farming and agriculture  vital while improving the scope of our food system overall.

This new wave of traditional cheesemaking has brought meaningful work to rural communities, building local economies and new food traditions. It is an honor to be a part of and serve this community making the world a better place now and into the future.

Knowing that it's not always possible to budget for professional photos even once a year, let alone when your goat or cow does something totally sweet or your cheese is looking exceptionally lovely or when you need a promotional photo of a winning cheese. In these instances, having someone on the team that knows how to capture, edit and share a good image quickly can be invaluable to telling your story.

If you make, sell or write about great cheese, I invite you to follow the blog regularly and learn simple tools and tips. Over time, your images will definitely improve.

If you want to super charge your skills quickly and work directly with me to learn more, sign up for Cheese Photography 101 for Makers, Mongers & Bloggers

Spring: 4.20.15    Summer: 6.22.15     Fall: 9.14.15

Cheese Photography 101 for
Makers, Mongers & Bloggers

Build Confidence Behind the Lens and Learn Strategies for Creating and Sharing Captivating Images that Attract More Customers & Build Sales

Course Tuition: $349

Spring Workshop Starts April 20th!

The Extended Bio - How I got "into" cheese

I got into cheese business in 1998, working the cheese counter at Central Market in Austin, Texas while nurturing my screenwriting ambitions. I was soon teaching classes and discovering a new vocation - sharing the pleasures of great cheese made in traditional ways with cheese lovers in the Central Market Cooking School.

My creative spark went on hiatus for several years as I dove deep into this fascinating food. My professional career path took me into cheese education programs and marketing for Anco Fine Cheese and, later, DPI Northwest, in Portland, Oregon.

While there, I created a training program for retail staff called "The Cheese Immersion." I knew that great image was critical to showcasing the beauty of the cheese, so I took up my trusty camera and returned to my roots,  sharing a visual story.

With the advent of digital technology, I learned how to produce high quality video and to use my DSLR to capture gorgeous images of cheese and telling the story of regional cheesemakers and documenting the growth of the industry.

Today, I am the principal creative at Cheese Chick Productions, where I produce gorgeous cheese portraits and lead photo-based guided tastings in cheese shops and for local civic and business groups.

Cheese Photography 101 was born of a desire to give colleagues and clients tools and resources to take better pictures of cheese every day. Knowing that professional images are a splurge out of reach for many AND that great image opportunities happen every day --  I want you to be able to capture your own images and tell your story in the most visually stunning way possible.

As a long-time champion of great cheese and the people who make it, I have been writing monthly about cheese for Oregon Wine Press  since 2006 and have worked extensively to document the history of artisanal cheesemaking in the US. I am past President of the American Cheese Society (2011-2012) and member of the Guildes des Fromagers New World Chapter.

I make my home in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband and two cheese-loving boys. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening (yes, in the desert!), cooking and hiking in the beautiful terrain. I'm an avid yoga practitioner and advocate for a more sustainable food system.


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I know you will find value and benefit from the information I share.


Cheese Photography 101 for
Makers, Mongers & Bloggers

Build Confidence Behind the Lens and Learn Strategies for Creating and Sharing Captivating Images that Attract More Customers & Build Sales

Course Tuition: $349

Spring Workshop Starts April 20th!

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