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Guild & Cheese Professionals

Learn better in a Live setting? Want to find inspiration amongst your peers? Be a part of a customized training held in select cities, often book-ending industry events and festivals. Want to schedule a class for your guild or event?

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Cheese Photography 101 for Makers, Mongers & Bloggers

Explore Effective, Efficient Strategies & Workflows to take more beautiful photos of cheese in this 6 week online workshop series.

A combination of self-paced video tutorials and lecture on a variety of topics along with live demonstrations, Q&A and printables, this course will super-charge your creativity, giving you confidence and the you the tools you need to compose and capture the images you imagine.

Here's an overview of the curriculum.

  • Week 1 - Elements of Composition and Working with Light: Explore the basics of what makes a good photograph and learn how to read the light to create just the right look for your photos.
  • Week 2 - Photography Fundamentals: Take full creative control of your camera as we dive deep into the exposure settings and lens choices that will make your photos shine.
  • Week 3 - Focus on Food Styling: Beautiful photos start with a well-styled subject. Honing your styling skills and choosing the right props elevate your images from the start.
  • Week 4 - Live Shoot and the basics of the "Build a Scene Method" to ensure a wide range of mouthwatering images to attract and inspire legions of new customers.
  • Week 5 - Simple Edits to Make Your Images Shine: Select your favorite images and develop them further through simple editing techniques that add sparkle. (Requires Adobe Lightroom)
  • Week 6 - Export & Share: Get your images out into the world with tools and workflow to optimize size and quality, streamline upload and improve your SEO to amplify your shares. (Requires Adobe Lightroom)

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