Cheese Label Shoot Tutorial – Cheese Photography 101

When your cheese is just one amongst a sea of dozens or even hundreds of cheeses in a cheese case, how do you make it stand out?

Label shots are simple to create and remarkably effectiveshowing your fans and customers just what to look for in a cheese case. They can also show the love and care that goes into your packaging, so if you are particularly careful about wrapping your beauties, this is a chance to strut your stuff.

Here’s the video introduction to the Label Shoot module that’s part of the Week 4 of Cheese Photography 101. It introduces the concept of a label shoot.


CLICK HERE to get instant access to the password for the second video in the series. Watch along as I create and refine a series of images and use simple techniques to improve the angle of the cheese. You’ll also see the effect that different surface colors have on a series of final images.

Thanks to Many Fold Farm in GA for sharing their awesome cheeses with me for the photo shoot.

If you enjoy this content and want to know more about camera settings, exposure, food styling, image editing and export, Cheese Photography 101 may be right for you. Six weeks of targeted lessons and assignments bring you more creative confidence and help you build a library of images you adore.

Keep your brand in the mind with better cheese photography!

Style – Shoot – Share


Here’s a time lapse of the whole shoot:


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