Why Improve Your Cheese Photography in 2015?

Blast from the past! I was reminded of the “Efficient Cheese Photography Workflow” series when a participant in the upcoming winter session Cheese Photography 101 series inquired about the series.

In the series, I outline the very process that I use with my clients to create mouthwatering images. It is designed to be the nuts and bolts road map to an image workflow, no matter what kind of camera you have. It’s a great prequel to the more intensive workshop series.

I hope you’ll take a peek at the first video which shares WHY it’s so important to have great photographs of your cheese and gives you a bit more about what’s involved in creating an image library you adore. I also share industry data about how critical great photos are to creating engagement and connection via social media and promise you’ll learn something new!

If you like this and want INSTANT access to the rest of the series, CLICK HERE to sign up!

This is a perfect intro to Cheese Photography and a great gauge of whether the 6 week, deep dive workshop – “Cheese Photography 101 for Makers, Mongers & Bloggers” is right for you!


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